October is Women Walking in Their Own Shoes™ Month, and we get to celebrate us, our accomplishments, and acknowledge women in our community. This year our theme for our annual Empowerment Tea is “REDEFINED POWER“.

Ladies, your best self, and life is callingIt’s time to redefine your power!

The Empowerment Tea is an opportunity for women to learn, grow and expand who they are, to evolve further into their best self and life, and to maximize their potential to achieve the personal and professional success they desire. This is your nudge to listen to your calling, to create a powerful vision for your life, re-define your power, and take bold steps to manifest yourself, and the life you dream of having.

The time and opportunities for women are shifting, and we are no longer sitting on the sidelines waiting for permission to be great, or do great things. Women changing how they show up in the world. They are taking responsibility for their lives; and claiming more influence in their career, community, leadership in the workplace. And yet, everyday women are giving up their power unintentionally by what they believe, say, and think. Mostly because they still don’t believe they have power.

The Empowerment Tea is about you exercising your power of choice, taking advantage of this time, this moment, and to answer your calling to walk in your destiny & greatness. Women attending the Empowerment Tea will gain the following:

  • Identify their own definition of power to help them understand their unique value so they can elevate and advance their life, career and business on their own terms!
  • Identify how they have deny their power and influence, consciously or unconsciously.
  • Learn how to embrace your power with intention, confidence, and authenticity.
  • Learn power tools you can use immediately to help you become a leader in your life, career and business.
  • How to develop a powerful Strategic Leadership Action Plan to help you Achieve Big in every area of your life.

While we are no longer sitting on the sidelines, everyday women are giving up their power because they believe they don’t have any power.

As the Founder of the WWITOS™ Movement, it is my desire that this event leaves you empowered to take full responsibility of your destiny, equip you with information and strategies to maximize your potential, and lead you to a place of higher heights that transcend your life to another level of being and doing.

Women have their own sources of strength and skills. It is time to stop diminishing your personal power, and start claiming it as fully as we could.