There is a shift taking place with women through women. Women are taking full responsibility for their lives, and their futures. They are no longer sitting on the sidelines waiting, nor asking for permission to live their life on their own terms. Women are speaking up, standing out, breaking glass ceilings; and embracing their ability to be game changers in their own lives, workplace, communities, and this world.


The WWITOS™ Movement is a clarion call to women globally to say “YES”, to themselves. To give themselves permission to become their best selves, create their best lives, and achieve success on their own terms.

It is a challenge for women to step outside of traditions (societal status quo for women), to push past barriers of perceptions, to relinquish themselves from the fears and impoverished mindset, maximize their potential and define success on their own terms.

The Movement is about women pursuing their purpose, passion and power!

The Movement mission is to encourage women to commit, take action, and respond to the clarion call by taking the WWITOS™ Pledge; and empower and equip them with taking advantage of the shift through personal and professional development events and programs, which will allow them to grow, transform, but most importantly, walk in their own shoes.

One of our biggest GOALS is to get 10,000+ women to take taking the WWITOS Pledge

Just imagine 10,000+ saying “YES” and giving themselves permission to become their best selves, create their best lives, and achieve and define success on their own terms. Now imagine them walking in their “YES”, making a difference in their own lives, family, workplace, community, and the world.



Tawawn Lowe is the Founder of the WWITOS™ Movement.  The Movement was birth out of Tawawn’s own journey to say “YES” to herself, take back her power, to walk in her purpose and passion, and to achieve success on her own terms.

The Movement began in October 2012 with an Empowerment Summit; and October has been proclaimed Women Walking in Their Own Shoes Month by Chase Calendar of Events. The first three years the Movement was celebrated with a Summit.  Tawawn has shifted her efforts to empower and equip women with an Annual Empowerment Tea that take place the first Saturday in October.

Will you help me meet our goals of 10,000 women taking the pledge by 2020?