Too many men and women are unhappy with their lives irrespective of all their achievements. They wake up early in the morning, drag through the day, and sleep late trying to accomplish that special thing that would eventually fill the void in their hearts. Unfortunately, nothing they do ever seals the void and so they continue feeling miserable.

Whether you are female or male, you have a choice to create and shape your own destiny. And in order to go after your own destiny you should first realize that other people have their destinies as well. This includes your spouse, children, friends, relatives, co-workers and employers. You cannot focus on everybody else’s destiny and still expect to reach your own.

Creating a path that will lead you to your destiny carries risks. The obvious risk is facing the fact that you have to become your life’s captain from now on. The problem with most people, women and children in particular, is letting somebody else determine their destiny. Just because your spouse is the head of the family it does not mean that he knows the direction you want to go to be happy. He can rule everything else in the house except the person you are inside.

You are the only person who can feel what the inner person wants, and your spouse must also listen to their inner person. As a child, you do not have to be like your mother or father in every way in future. Everyone must gather the courage to steer the ship rather than get in the passenger’s seat to be driven by others.

Do you lack inner peace? Do you constantly feel this endless emptiness no matter what you do? If you answered yes, chances are that time has come for you to critically assess your life and embark on a journey toward your destination. Here are three steps to help you start making your destiny with ease.

Step 1: Determine where you want to go in a preset future period

Perhaps you have your future goals all written down and you are wondering why you have to write them all over again. When it comes to creating your destiny you must decide where you are going and what you want to be. Most of us determine what we want to have and this is frequently material things. Your final destiny is not only comprised of material wealth. It consists of all aspects of your life including physical, spiritual, financial, social, and mental and so on.

So you will be wise to listen to your little voice (inner person/conscience) as you determine where you are going and who you want to be in about ten years from now, for instance. The conscience never lies. Sometimes it will question or criticize your behaviors. Other times it will soothe, encourage, guide and correct you. There are even times when the little voice will warn us about something and instill fear. So, when you search your conscience for answers about your future, it will direct you there.

And you must also learn to listen to this voice and obey. Whether you call it spiritual or intuition, the inner person is a powerful tool to use in order to discover your destiny. Other than this, take the time to relax, lighten up and focus on your life. By so doing you will pinpoint the things that make your heart happy.

As silly as some of these things might seem to you, they are the ones that connect you with your destiny.

Step 2: Visualize your final destination

Have you ever heard some people saying that they are living their dreams? Wouldn’t you like to live your dreams too? As sweet as this may sound, at this point you can just fantasize and visualize. And this is absolutely correct and healthy as it will help you sustain your focus and energy until you reach you destination. It is so difficult to visualize a future dream when your mind is so preoccupied with negative voices.

So you should first shut up all the negative thoughts to give room for positive energy and thoughts. To hear your destiny’s call you must be listening, and this will be difficult when your mind is noisy, depressed, sad, and annoyed. There are many methods used for mind relaxation including meditation. And while you meditate you can listen to calm tunes or music, sing, dance, walk, do yoga, pray, write and so on. It will be trial and error and a daily effort until you win over your negative thoughts and pessimism.

Step 3: Write down your plan of action

So far you have determined your final destination and have visualized it. Now what is left is a thorough plan of action. When it comes to planning, you have to be true to yourself. There may be people who have been dragging you behind simply because they won’t act or think without you. Even if you love these people so much you must embark on a trip to your destination without them. You have given them comfort and unfailing support for too long. Now you need to let them shape their own destinies by following yours. There so many doors that may have closed before you saw them simply because you were too busy planning other people’s lives, carrying their burdens and forgetting that you too had a life to live.

Another bold thing you will have to do is to set a time limit for when you want to reach your destination and be who you want to be. And as you do this you must not entertain negative thoughts that might tell you of how pointless it is to plan for a future you do not know anything about. Push thoughts of death, sickness, divorce, bankruptcy and accidents further away as they might limit your accuracy. As well, there will be things you will have to do to eventually get to end of your journey.

These are called goals. Some will be short-term and others will be long-term. As you set goals you have to consider the tools and resources you already have and those you could acquire. Mostly what these tools will be depends on the goals you have set above. If you have a goal to lose weight, for instance, it will make sense to look for the newest (or old methods that are effective) weight loss books, diets, equipment, exercises and related stuff.


Creating your destiny will be a challenge. There will be distractions from every corner that could affect your self-drive and commitment. If someone is not offering constructive criticism you do not need them. Instead look for people who have worn your shoes before and make them your mentors. It may be necessary to also look for people who have similar interests as yourself and enjoy group cohesion. At the same time keep in mind that you are creating your own destiny not everyone’s.