Get Your Power


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Think about it. Your life is your business. It’s time to start making executive decisions about the success of your future. The reality is YOU are the boss of YOU.

This book is about power…The power to accept responsibility and take charge of your life – the power to become the CEO of your life and create the future you want. Tawawn shares how the same strategies used by a CEO to develop and grow a company’s potential are what we all need to achieve success for every aspect of our lives.

How do you get your power? How do you become the CEO of your life? In this book Tawawn writes about six basis principles that every CEO has for their company. She explains why you must incorporate these six basic steps to get your company (YOU) up and running to achieve excellence and success. These six steps focus on:

The power of choice
The power of knowing what you want
The power of vision
The power of a life mission
The power of goal setting

If you are ready to accept full responsibility for your life and achieve the success you want, this powerful concept of becoming the CEO of your own life will get you started.