Stop looking at the water and just jump in, let your guard down and love again, apply for that management position, go on vacation by yourself, write the book, start your business, accept the job in another state, propose to him….. step out of your comfort zone; and take the risk.

Life is about choices and decisions. And with every choice or decision you make there is some degree of risk. It is time to stop making your choices based on risk mitigation rather than the potential reward.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, risk is a big part of life and living; and from our risk we learn what we are made of. If you want to be your best self, and live your best life, you have no choice but to take RISK. That means despite your fear – take the risk and just do it! Let your why and end goal be more important, and trust in the fact that your fear and uneasiness can be managed.

If you ever research famous or successful people, you will learn that most of their fortunate and accomplishments manifested from taking a RISK. I remember a few years ago watching an episode of the View where they interviewed Taraji P. Henson, who shared her story of leaving Washington, DC., to move to California with $700.00 in her pocket, as a single parent to pursue her acting career.

Watch Taraji and allow her be an inspiration to achieving your goals.

She knew her big dreams and end goal required a big risk that would be worthy of her undertaking. Taraji is no different from you and I, she is a “around the way girl” (name of her book), who have dreams and aspirations. She is an example of how the sum of your life can change, when you focus on your goal, and the reward of risk. She is an inspiration that you can accomplish your goal, if you are willing to take a risk on yourself.

Today I challenge you to focus on one your powerful goals and (and likely “risky”) actions that you can be taking to advance towards your goals. Focus your attention on the win and accept the risk as the price you pay for the dream.

Will it be worth it? You better believe it.

Here’s to your success!