I hold my head in my hands, tears flowing between my fingers; she comes to me, comforts me, and holds me. We’re in this together, she says; I say, what does it all matter? Why do people have to die? She says, To make life worth living. Your life purpose, whatever it is, is what gives your life meaning: fulfills you when you’re empty, your source of strength when you are weak.

Finding and defining your life purpose can be a difficult task: some people search for decades without finding any results. For you, your life purpose must be what you decide it to be: no one else can tell you or lead you on your road; you must blaze your own trail. With you trail blazed, the next step is to move on, pack up and start you trek. Being your own master is a task that, once undertaken, can never be reversed.

With your path defined, you can begin moving towards your goal. Leaving behind those who don’t have your best interests behind can be difficult, if not impossible in some cases; moving on with the old parts of your life can take a lot of effort, and a lot of willpower. You must draw from your life purpose: what defines you as a person should be your greatest ally, your greatest strength.

You can only draw from that well so many times, however; it’s important to surround yourself with a viable safety network to support what you want to do. If at all possible, this group will support and strengthen your position, making it possible for you attain your life dream.

Purpose then, will give your life meaning, guide your through tough decisions. The more faith you put in your own purpose, the easier it will come to navigate your life. When you know exactly what you want out of life, knowing how to get there will become all the easier.

Funerals can, in many instances, be a watershed moment in the life of the living: reaffirming their life goals and ideas, entrenching their resolve. It’s important to use events such as the passing of a loved one for motivation, motivation to do what you truly want to do. As has been said before, the live lived is the life worth living: doing what you truly want to will make even a ten years span feel like a lifetime.

Tawawn Lowe